About Us

About Us

E&G Group is full service real estate development and consulting firm providing services to investors, for-profit and non-profit clients since 1982. We are rooted in the nitty gritty of buying, redeveloping and repositioning real property in mostly urban settings. As seasoned owner-developers we have been through more than one real estate cycle. Our success is based on doing the basics very well, each and every day – for our clients, our investors and ourselves. The basics are the same across all of our business lines:

  • Thoughtful budgets and schedules
  • A close eye on feasibility
  • Knowledge of the business and regulatory environment
  • Team selection that matches skills to needs and budgets
  • Careful management of every process
  • Honest reporting against plans

Over the years, we have extended our services into project, property and facility management. The broad scope of our business gives an important competitive edge – excellent peripheral vision. It is rarely the problem under one’s nose that confounds; it is the problem only dim seen, or not seen at all that, that often poses the greatest challenge.

E&G Group has over 30 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations to plan, manage, and supervise building projects. We have served as the owner’s representative to numerous types of institutions, such as supportive housing providers, independent schools, religious facilities, and cultural/performing arts organizations with the focus of our client base being in DC proper.

E&G Group provides comprehensive project oversight. We assist with early concept phase planning and site feasibility analysis, assist with acquisition and financing, manage the design and construction phases, and provide guidance with post-project start-up tasks. We have successfully managed projects consisting of renovations, expansions, and new buildings.

E&G Group also serves as the third-party facility/property manager, responsible for maintenance of the physical plant, for a number of non-profit institutions and housing providers.