Property Management

Property Management

The best property managers have one eye on today and the other on five years from now. There is urgency in the immediate tasks of readying and renting units, collecting the rents, paying the bills, and performing routine and emergency maintenance. There are also longer-term matters to be considered, such as the correct position of a property in the market, trends in tenant quality and demographics, and investor exit strategies.

E&G now uses a web-based property management accounting system.

This has greatly improved our daily oversight and ability to respond quickly to changed circumstances. Where appropriate, our staffs are certified in Low Income Housing Tax Credit management. We require all of our staff to get professional credentials through a variety of industry education programs.

Senior E&G management oversees property operations and relates the day to day to the longer term.

We regularly work with our investors and with third-party management clients as they decide how to reposition, or dispose of properties. Our detailed knowledge of the properties, the market, and larger real estate environment make us a valuable resource in this important process.