Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Our facility management clients are usually single property owner users who have chosen us to operate their buildings on a daily basis. This relationship allows our clients to focus on their own primary businesses. Our facility clients also benefit from our presence in the market as regular buyers of goods and services. We contract for gas and electric in bulk. We can call on a network of vendors who know us and work with us on a repeat basis.

We provide our clients with facility management outsourcing and facility planning.

Our services include hiring and managing staff, budgeting, arranging insurance, collecting revenues, paying expenses, and maintaining the physical facilities and grounds. We also oversee facility renovation and expansion projects, which have included specialized exhibit halls, small chapels, and custom window enclosures. We also secure use and occupancy permits for our facility clients.

Our facility management clients benefit from our broad range of development and management experience.

They also benefit from our presence in the market place as regular buyers of a wide range of goods and services.