Mission Statement

Our company purpose is to have and share abundance by living our values.

We are a privately owned real estate and consulting company. We develop, own, and manage affordable rental communities. Most of our communities take advantage of rental assistance programs or other governmental programs that assist low and middle income families by making their housing more affordable. We also manage projects and facilities for for-profit and non-profit organizations. We measure abundance in a number of ways. Financial success is critical, but we also seek abundance in relationships, in expertise and in the growth and success of our workers, clients, investors and business associates.


We maintain personal and company integrity.

This means that we act on our values and are honest in our dealings with others.

We embrace challenges.

Challenges are part of life. Our company value is to embrace challenges as ways to grow. We add value by solving problems, not by hiding, avoiding or complaining about them or making excuses.

We get better at our work.

We seek to improve our skills and to execute better. Doing something “as well as last time; or “as well as the competition” is not good enough. Work satisfaction increases with the experience of getting better at it.

We create worth for our stakeholders and ourselves.

All of our business lines involve planning, building, improving and caring for the physical property. We strive to increase the value of the properties in our care. Those properties also affect the lives of the people who own and live in them. We want their lives to be better through our efforts.

We make money.

We want our company and our staff to make money, to have increasing abundance and security. Profits are a critical resource for achieving our purpose.

We put family first.

Our obligations to our families are paramount. The company finds ways to help staff meet family obligations while getting all of our work done. “Flex time” does not mean “flex results”.

We communicate openly and honestly.

As we embrace challenges, we also communicate openly and honestly. We rely on facts and objective analysis to identify and solve problems. We speak openly about problems and the barriers and approaches to solving them. We do not assign blame but we accept responsibility.