Corporate Team

  • Betsy Hughes
    Betsy Hughes
    Property Services Manager
  • Carlos Rios
    Carlos Rios
    Property Accountant
  • Celeste Carnaggio
    Celeste Carnaggio
    Director of Property Management
  • Chuck Bowley
    Chuck Bowley
    Project Manager
  • Cleve Askins
    Cleve Askins
    Accounting Manager
  • Dee Dee Alston
    Dee Dee Alston
    Regional Manager
  • Giancarlo Raffo
    Giancarlo Raffo
    Human Resources Manager
  • Julie Ramirez
    Julie Ramirez
    Regional Manager
  • Kate Hussey
    Kate Hussey
    Property Services Assistant
  • Kevin Butler
    Kevin Butler
    Resident Services Coordinator
  • Kim Clonts
    Kim Clonts
    Corporate Compliance Specialist
  • Lisa Sleith
    Lisa Sleith
    Project Manager
  • Liz Compton
    Liz Compton
    Office Manager
  • RJ Garcia
    RJ Garcia
    Project Analyst
  • Steven Kellett
    Steven Kellett
    Director of Training and Technology